Travelling Through Australia and Seeing Everything

An outback road in western N.S.W Australia

An outback road in western N.S.W Australia

Travelling through Australia and seeing everything this amazing country has to offer was one of my lifetime goals. Although I knew that I could not accomplish everything I wanted on just one holiday, I still wanted to do as much as I could in the time I did have. Before I booked my flights to Australia, I did intensive research using I needed a reliable source to help me get the most out of my time and budget.

I already knew the type of holiday that most appealed to me: I wanted to explore the cultures of Australia. Aboriginal rock art can be found across the continent and in such diverse regions as Kakadu, Keep River National Park, Cape York Peninsula, and Tasmania. Aboriginal rock art can be both ancient and modern. Some is rich in ceremony and sacred tradition, illustrating Dreamtime mythology and invoking the Rainbow Serpent, Quinkans and other figures.

Australia’s art scene is vibrant and constantly evolving, with independent artists working in the outdoor galleries of Fremantle and other cities. Fremantle also hosts a variety of cultural awareness programs designed to educate and enhance visitors’ experiences. Alice Springs, an outback town known more for its proximity to Uluru, has a wealth of Aboriginal art centres where you can take advantage of downtime and buy dot paintings or woven woolen sculptures or raffia baskets directly from the artists who created them. Back in Sydney, the Contemporary Arts Museum weaves history and culture with artistic vision and houses the works of some of today’s leading Australian artists.

Of course, men and women cannot live by art alone. In between feasting my eyes on created beauty, I enjoyed the natural beauty of the Red Centre, the dolphins of the Swan River and the most beautiful natural harbour in the world: Sydney Harbour. My travel through Australia was nothing if not memorable, and it really brought the history and culture of this amazing country alive for me. I’m already planning my next Australian holiday.