One of the World’s Natural Wonders

aerial view of Great Barrier Reef

Cairns is the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia

Cairns is located in Tropical North Queensland, Australia, and is the doorstep for one of the world’s natural wonders, The Great Barrier Reef. Divers flock to this area to explore the beauty of this underwater wonder. The area also boasts the Daintree Rainforest, and is quite simply a tropical paradise that visitors have come to love and return to again and again. And with so much to see and do while you are staying in Cairns, you want to make sure that you are getting the best possible deals when flying from Cairns to Sydney so that you will have more money to spend in other areas.

The best time to get good discounts and deals on Cairns accommodations is during Australia’s winter, April through October. During this time, not only will you be able to find great deals and specials, but you will be able to have the opportunity to enjoy the sights and attractions at a most pleasant and comfortable temperature with the least possible humidity.

Summertime in Australia can be nearly unbearable at times, and aside from swimming for hours on end, which is not such a bad thing, you really will not be able to enjoy a lot of other sightseeing and activity. Why not travel at a time when you can get the best of everything?

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You should start by planning ahead of time as much as possible. The closer you are and the more of a time crunch you find yourself in, the harder it will be to wait for that perfect deal.

On the other hand, the very last minute deals have also become popular. If you feel that you can pack up and go in a day, keep your eyes open. There are many times when a hotel would rather offer a room for pennies on a dollar rather than see it left empty, so they will offer a last minute special that will be greatly reduced.

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Enjoy your time in this very special part of the globe.