No Such Thing as Cheap Flights

flight window view of Sydney harbour on board your flight to Australia

Flights to Australia usually arrive in Sydney.

We live in a disingenuous society that refuses to reveal the true extent of things to us. This is definitely the case when it comes to anybody attempting to sell anything cheap and flying to Australia on a budget must fall within this same categorisation.

That said, if we simply replace one word with some others here, we may actually be much closer to the mark. So, let us eliminate the word cheap and replace this with the words – more affordable. Now we really are cooking on gas and getting somewhere.

Is there such things as cheap flights to Australia and the other side of the world. Read on as there are a couple of steps that can be taken that will help you to ensure that you pay considerably less for your airfares down under.

First of all, try to travel outside of the Australian summer; this is winter in the Northern Hemisphere. I have tended to find that June seems to be an excellent time to travel to this part of the world and the same principle seems to extend to neighbouring New Zealand.

Secondly, do not book that ticket more than six months in advance. You will notice that this is when the fares are at their highest levels. Airlines try to reap in as much revenue as they can when tickets first go on sale.

If you can adhere to these two golden rules, you really could end up saving hundreds of pounds on the cost of your seat. You may even find some great deals in the higher cabins – check out all classes before you book, you may find that you can travel in a premier economy seat for an equivalent of what you expected to pay in standard economy.