How Best to Get Around Sydney?

Sydney is a city that cannot be stereotyped. Its vast suburbs and bustling Central Business District has so much of an international flavour that you might, even for just a moment, forget that you are in Australia. It will only be for a moment though as when you venture into the outer suburbs you’ll soon remember you are in Sydney. Although it is generally believed that Sydney has a poor public transport system compared to Melbourne, there are options that you can rely on when you’re in a bind. You may have just arrived in Sydney on one of the flights you have booked on and have booked accommodation and now want to explore the city, what options do you have?

Well you could always rent a car. That’s the most independent way of getting around Sydney and there’s nothing like driving with the top down alongside Sydney’s stunning waterfront feeling the breeze wash over you from the bay. Sydney’s waterfront space has become such a premium piece of real estate and is highly sought after by businesses and wealthy real estate buyers. There are some fantastic drives in Sydney and you can explore Sydney’s suburbs with ease if you rent a car.

If you don’t fancy driving then there’s always the bus, but be aware the bus doesn’t go everywhere and if there’s a specific place you want to see, it may not be on the bus route. However, the bus routes in Sydney go to all the major tourist destinations such as Bondi and the Rocks and all around Downtown Sydney. Downtown Sydney is the most popular destination with tourists and many find that they like to find accommodation here rather than out in a suburb due to the proximity of the circular quay and the rocks.

The Train system in Sydney is used mainly by commuters and other frequent travellers and is operated by Transport for NSW, which is the statutory authority for transport in the state of New South Wales. Many of the suburban services operate through the centre of Sydney via the underground City Circle which is similar to London Underground’s Circle Line. The passenger trains are operated by Sydney Trains which was launched in 2013 and replaced the Sydney Monorail system which ran in a loop from the main shopping district to Darling Harbour. Sydney was also once served by one of the largest tram networks in the world. This ceased operation in 1961.

If you enjoy cycling and want to get fit while taking in the sights of Sydney then you can try getting on your bike and exploring Sydney that way. Sydney is extremely bike friendly and you can be cycling across Harbour Bridge and enjoying the stunning view of the Sydney CBD and the surrounding Harbour area. Alternatively you can cycle through the 360 hectares of Centennial Park, this park is visited by hundreds of thousands of cyclists a year and has many beautiful nature spots and entertainment areas to distract you on your cycle ride.

If you’re someone who prefers to take cabs then there are plenty of cabs in Sydney and they will take you anywhere you want to go, providing you can pay for your ride. Cab drivers will take you anywhere provided you have the money. If you don’t, then you have no other option but to walk. You can walk around Sydney’s downtown area without too much difficulty. However, you will find it more taxing if you are walking from the downtown area out to one of Sydney’s far flung suburbs such as Manly.

Sydney has a lot of options when it comes to transport, the recommended ones are the bus and the train though so if you are coming into Sydney, always be prepared to study train timetables and bus schedules and routes so you know exactly where you want to go and when. This will make for a much easier trip and you won’t waste time waiting around for a bus or train that you might not need.

photo credit: RGML2083 via photopin (license)