Can you Find Cheap Luxury Hotels in Sydney?

Circular Quay, Sydney, Australia

The options for 5 star hotel accommodation around Circular Quay and The Rocks is endless.

Sydney, being an ever growing tourism hotspot, has many five star luxury hotels. Most of the more expensive variety, such as the Four Seasons and the Westin Sydney, are located downtown in the heart of the Central Business District, or the CBD as its commonly abbreviated.

All the 5 star hotels are, as expected, five star in price too. Rooms can be as high as a thousand dollars a night, that’s on the lower end too, their best and most luxurious suites can be astronomically high in price and with the state of the worldwide economy, the average person can’t afford these hotels at these rates and will look for cheaper accommodation at three stars or even less. Which is usually of less quality and results in a disappointing stay.

However, with the help of the internet, locating the best deals on 5 star hotels in Sydney is becoming easier, they’re beginning to offer room rates that are actually competitive with the lower budget hotels.  The standards of the luxury hotels aren’t slipping either, you still receive the five star treatment for a lower price and still stay in luxurious suites that used to be only available to the rich and elite.

These deals could be due to China’s luxury hotel market being forced to lower their prices due to the austerity measures put in place by the Chinese government. Part of the austerity plan limits how much food a hotel can serve to their guests. Gone are the days when the kitchen was open as long as you had a few bucks to give to the chef, now it’s a soup and a main course and that’s about all you are getting in a luxury hotel in China.

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How Best to Get Around Sydney?

Sydney is a city that cannot be stereotyped. Its vast suburbs and bustling Central Business District has so much of an international flavour that you might, even for just a moment, forget that you are in Australia. It will only be for a moment though as when you venture into the outer suburbs you’ll soon remember you are in Sydney. Although it is generally believed that Sydney has a poor public transport system compared to Melbourne, there are options that you can rely on when you’re in a bind. You may have just arrived in Sydney on one of the flights you have booked on and have booked accommodation and now want to explore the city, what options do you have?

Well you could always rent a car. That’s the most independent way of getting around Sydney and there’s nothing like driving with the top down alongside Sydney’s stunning waterfront feeling the breeze wash over you from the bay. Sydney’s waterfront space has become such a premium piece of real estate and is highly sought after by businesses and wealthy real estate buyers. There are some fantastic drives in Sydney and you can explore Sydney’s suburbs with ease if you rent a car.

If you don’t fancy driving then there’s always the bus, but be aware the bus doesn’t go everywhere and if there’s a specific place you want to see, it may not be on the bus route. However, the bus routes in Sydney go to all the major tourist destinations such as Bondi and the Rocks and all around Downtown Sydney. Downtown Sydney is the most popular destination with tourists and many find that they like to find accommodation here rather than out in a suburb due to the proximity of the circular quay and the rocks.

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Are You Flying to Sydney or Melbourne, Australia?

Sydney Opera House and Cicular Quay

Both Sydney and Melbourne have a great deal to offer however the harbour of Sydney is something very special.

The two cities in Australia which seem to carry the most weight with the population of the world are Melbourne and Sydney. These two cities are easily the the most name checked if you asked people from other countries to name cities on the Australian continent. Sydney, being the first colony created by the British, is the oldest city in Australia while Melbourne, settled by people from across the strait on Tasmania, was a major boom town in the mid to late 1800s when gold was discovered around the area. This discovery and the resulting immigration made Melbourne the richest city in the world until the economic depression of the 1930s. Today though, both cities still thrive and adapt to the modern way of life and as a result, tourists flock to either city all year round.

The question is, will you fly to Sydney or will you fly to Melbourne, Australia? It’s a very tough decision for a first timer and if you only have the time to visit one of them, which one do you choose? Perhaps it will be best to lay out the key points of both cities for you to evaluate what you want to see over what you are not really that fussed about seeing. For example, if you’re not really fussed about seeing beaches but you maybe have someone who you are travelling with who is, then that’s fine. Since both of these cities have beaches anyway, due to them being coastal cities, you’re not missing out.

If you’re a city dweller who likes the nightlife then Sydney and Melbourne are legendary for having a great club scene and both cities have some fantastic restaurants. This may be making the decision harder and every time you come across something that is is one city’s favour then the other city has something that bests it. The truth is, you can’t choose between Sydney and Melbourne. Choosing between them is like choosing between an Indian takeaway or a Chinese takeaway. Both very different but both are equally as delicious.

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Your Alternative to a More Enjoyable Stay in Sydney

If you are thinking about traveling to Sydney, Australia for any length of time, renting and staying in a fully furnished apartment is a refreshing alternative to staying in a hotel during your visit. When in Sydney renting a fully furnished apartment has several advantages.

Generally fully furnished apartments are less expensive than staying a hotel, and where hotels usually offer impersonal, cookie-cutter type rooms, furnished apartments are much more personalized to your living preferences and offer much more comfort and privacy.

With a fully equipped kitchen in your apartment, you can save money by cooking your meals and eating in privacy, and not have to worry about a limited food selection in an overpriced hotel restaurant or spending money in local eateries.

You will find that fully furnished apartments in Sydney are less expensive than serviced apartments. This is due to the fact that with serviced apartments, employees need to be paid to enter your apartments to clean, cook, do laundry if requested, and change out linens.

In a fully furnished apartment, you have the comfort and security of knowing that no one will be entering your apartment to be amongst your things, and you, instead of strangers, are in charge of maintaining your personal spaces.

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People Dream of Travelling to Australia

night shot of Sydney CBD

Sydney CBD lights glimmer on the water of Darling Harbour.

When most people dream of travelling to Australia, probably the first images that come to mind are of the Sydney Opera House, the beaches of the Gold Coast and Ayers Rock (now known as Uluru). There is of course, so much more to this huge country.

The majority of visitors will travel to the larger cities, such as Sydney and Melbourne or Alice and the Red Centre. The more readily accessible attractions from these population centres, such as the Great Barrier Reef and the beaches of Queensland and New South Wales are also on most traveller’s wish lists.

Due to its comparative isolation, the largest city and Capital of the Northern Territory of Australia, Darwin, is relatively forgotten. This is a real shame, as there is a myriad of Darwin accommodation available to the more adventurous travellers to this surprisingly cosmopolitan city.

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Sydney Vitality and the High Quality of Life

living room in a furnished apartment in Sydney, Australia

Comfort in your furnished accommodation in Sydney.

Sydney is one of the fastest growing cities in the southern hemisphere. The economic vitality and the high quality of life mean that more foreigners are moving to the city each year. In fact, according to the latest census, immigrants account for three-quarters of the annual population growth. How does this benefit international businesses?

Though politicians prattle on endlessly about the value of diversity, they really do have a point. The more ethnically and culturally diverse a population is, the more likely it is that they will have different skills, experiences, and opinions. And that is exactly what companies need, to succeed—different points of view.

Over the last quarter of a century, Sydney has grown into one of the most diverse cities in the world. As a result, businesses have found a home in the growing metropolis. Many international companies rent accommodation for a brief period in Sydney which provides a furnished apartment that offers privacy, swimming pools, gyms, secure parking, internet, cable TV and all the comforts of home that people so often miss.

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Exploring Sydney On A Shoestring

So you’ve got enough extra cash on hand to get a ticket to Sydney, but after that, you’re dang near broke. Look, if you have an opportunity to get a cheap ticket to Sydney, take it, even if that leaves you with a slim budget while you’re there. Sydney is just as welcoming to backpackers as it is to travellers who’ve got all the money in the world to spend. Here are some strategies to put into action when you’re exploring Sydney on a shoestring.

Public Transport

Sydney’s bus system runs almost twenty four hours a day, so there’s no reason to pay for taxis or rent a car if you’re on a budget. You’ve also got trains, ferries, the monorail and Sydney’s airport train. There’s no reason to waste money getting around the city with so many options for exploring Sydney on pocket change.

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Not Many Places on Earth More Impressive than Sydney, Australia.

Circular Quay, Sydney. A busy meeting point for transport, arts, culture, history, CBD, accommodation and much more!

Sydney Harbour meets the CBD at Circular Quay

When it comes to beauty, there are not many places on Earth more impressive than Sydney, Australia.

This is especially the case if you appreciate water vistas. Most attractions and hotels in Sydney CBD were designed with the water as a backdrop. The most popular attraction in Sydney, and one of the most popular attractions in the world, is the Sydney Opera House. This is a World Heritage Site that offers the finest theatre performances in Australia, including opera and ballet. The building itself is also revered as a top architectural site. Another advantage to visiting the Sydney Opera House is that the Royal Botanic Gardens are right across the street. These might be the two most popular attractions in Sydney, and they’re well worth seeing, but there are several other attractions in Sydney that impress.

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The Most Visited City There Is

Australia is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world today, and the most visited city there is, the harbour city of  Sydney. With its many attractions such as the opera house, harbour bridge and access to amazing beaches, it is not hard to see why.

Every journey starts with the first footstep, or so the saying goes. Nowadays, though, every journey starts with a little internet research first! Having a look into Sydney flights and accommodation will reveal deals and offers that may help you to save money before and during your trip.

Flying from Europe can take quite a time, with almost 24 hours of travelling involved, so it is important to choose a flight which will offer you comfort during the journey. Some people choose flights based on the model of aircraft, or the airline. For a flight of that length, if you have special needs whether dietary or other it is important to mention them when booking.

What goes into creating the magic that is Sydney? What is it about the city that makes it so full of energy and thrill? With adventure, nature, culture, art, fun, shopping and life experience all wrapped into one, Sydney is a destination for one and all.

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